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If you bet NRL or AFL head to head Odds (moneyline), Lines (handicap) or Totals (over/under) then a Pinnacle Sports account is almost a must. The reason is that Pinnacle operate on the lowest bookmaker margins which in turn means that they consistently offer the highest odds on the three main NRL and AFL betting markets. Pinnacle Sports odds for NRL and AFL Lines and Totals are based on a 1.95 pricing model which reflects a bookmaker commission of around 2.5% while their head to head odds also reflect around a 2.5% bookmaker commission. offer NRL and AFL Handicap Lines and Totals odds priced in the standard 1.91 pricing style which represents a bookmaker commission of around 4.5%. Their head to head odds or moneyline odds reflect a bookmaker commission of approximately 4.6% to 4.8%. offer multiple betting options on every National Rugby league (NRL) and Australian Rules (AFL) games each week. These include Head to head, Line (Handicap), Totals, Margin and more.


With 100+ Markets on every NRL and AFL game this season Luxbet have the footy fan covered this season. Luxbet's lines (handicap) and totals odds have a 1.92 style pricing which represents a bookmaker commission of around 4.2% while their head to head odds range from around 4.5% to 4.8%. With 100+ different markets on each game, no matter whether you like to bet AFL or NRL Over Under Totals, Moneylines, Line, In Play Betting, Pick Your Own Line, Margins, 1st half or proposition bets like First scoring Play, Try Scorer etc, you will find them all and more at Luxbet.


Centrebet offer a full range of AFL and NRL betting opportunities. These include In-Play betting, Head to Head Odds (also known as moneyline odds), Line or handicap betting, over under totals, pick the margins, halftime/fulltime as well as various exotic bet types such as first player to score, player match up bets and more. Centrebet's AFL and NRL line odds and totals odds are priced at the standard 1.91 style pricing which reflects approximately a 4.5% bookmaker commission while their head to head odds have around a 4.85% commission.

When it comes to betting on the NRL and AFL or any sport for that matter, one of the easiest and most effective tools that a sports bettor can use is to shop for the best odds and lines. While it might sound simple and just plain common sense there are many rugby league and aussie rules punters who have a single account with one bookmaker and use that bookie to place all of their bets without comparing the odds and lines on offer at other bookmakers.