NRL Betting - Over Under Totals

NRL Over Under Totals betting is another very interesting and exciting rugby league betting option offered by the bookmakers. Giving the punter a 50/50 proposition you simply bet on whether you think the combined points of both teams will be over or under the NRL total line posted by the bookies. Over Under Totals are widely considered one of the easier betting lines for punters to beat. Ever notice that the NRL Totals Lines are generally not released until game day? This is not because the bet type is not popular, it is more a reflection of the bookies taking care when setting the lines and being sure of the weather and ground conditions, which can play a significant role in scoring and hence the total of a game.

You will find NRL Over Under Totals Lines presented such as :

Example NRL Over Under Total Line
Match Total Odds
Cronulla Over 36.5 1.91
Manly Under 36.5 1.91

Given the above odds and line a $100 bet on the Over would win if Cronulla and Manly's combined scores equal 37 points or more, which would pay you $191 ($100 bet back + $91 profit). A similar bet on the under would win if the game total was 36 points or lower.

NRL Totals Statistics 2007 to 2011
Game Total Number of Occurences Percentage of Overall Games
44 56 5.83%
38 52 5.42%
48 50 5.21%
34 45 4.69%
50 45 4.69%
42 43 4.48%
46 42 4.38%
40 39 4.06%
36 38 3.96%
52 37 3.85%
30 35 3.65%
28 30 3.13%
32 30 3.13%
56 26 2.71%
26 25 2.60%
54 21 2.19%

Key Numbers When Betting NRL Totals

Many sports feature key numbers which need consideration when placing your bets. Our NRL Winning Margins table shows how often different margins of victory have occurred over the last 5 years. With around 9.06% of NRL games ending with a margin of 4 points, 4 is a key number for Line Handicaps. The above table shows the frequency of different NRL game totals. The most frequent totals in the NRL are 44 points (5.83%), 38 (5.42%) and 48 (5.21%), so where possible you would want to be on the right side of these key numbers.

The average total over the last 5 years has been 42 points and from the table we can see that even number totals in 40's (40, 42, 44, 46, 48) account for nearly a quarter (23.96%) of all NRL game totals. The lowest regular season game total over the last 5 years was 6 points in a round 13 game between the Melbourne Storm and New Zealand Warriors back in 2007 where the Storm won (4-2). At the other end of the scale the highest scoring NRL game of the last 5 years was coincidently also in round 13 of the 2007 season when the Sydney Roosters beat the North Queensland Cowboys by 64 points to 30 for a total of 94 points.

Getting the Best of NRL Totals

As with all betting markets the odds and lines for a particular bet type will differ slightly amongst the leading Online Bookmakers. To ensure that you are getting the best odds and line when placing your next NRL Over under bet you can compare offerings from some of the top online bookmakers right here at's live NRL Odds page. Remember that every extra dollar or half a point in your favour will add up and could make the difference between a winning NRL season and a losing one come grand final time.