St Kilda v Richmond

AFL Round 10, 2012 -

St Kilda host Richmond in what should be a cracker of a start to AFL Round 10. Bookmakers have priced the two teams evenly with current AFL Odds seeing the Saints head to head odds range between $1.80 up to $1.909 while the Tigers are priced between $1.90 up to $2.02. With odds fairly even there is little to no line handicap for this game. The bookmakers who are running a line have St Kilda -2.5 Richmond +2.5.

St Kilda Saints: The Saints are coming off a 28 point win over the Swans last week (16.15) 111 to (12.11) 83. Scott Watters has his side sitting in 7th place on the ladder with a 5-4 record. St Kilda has averaged 26.22 scoring shots per game while allowing an average of 22.67 for a scoring shots differential of +3.55. In AFL betting results this season the Saints are 4-5 (-$120) against the line handicap and they are +$87.10 against the head to head odds.

Richmond: The Tigers are themselves coming off a great result last week. They met Hawthorn as $3.26 (+22.5 point) underdogs and caused the upset of the weekend, beating the Hawks by 62 points (21.11) 137 to (10.15) 75. That win takes Richmond to 12th on the ladder with a 4-5 record. They have averaged 27 scoring shots per game while conceding 24.44 for a differential of +2.56. The Tigers are the equal best team against the AFL Line Handicap bet this season with a 7-2 (+$465) record (for $100 bets each week) as per the stats AFL Line Betting Results. Against the head to head odds they are showing a small loss of -$50.10.

St Kilda v Richmond's Winning Margin Odds: Here at we are constantly highlighting the benefits of shopping the leading Bookmakers to make sure you are betting into the highest odds. The winning margin market is no exception; just take a look at the difference in these odds. Currently the odds for St Kilda to win by 1-39 points range between $2.35 up to $2.63, St Kilda by 40+ $5.20 up to $6.25 while if you fancy Richmond by 1-39 points the odds range between $2.50 up to $2.75, Richmond by 40+ $5.55 up to $7.50 and the draw option is around $51.

AFL Betting History St Kilda v Richmond Round 10, 2012
Date Odds Line Home Score V Score Away Line Odds
30/06/07 1.64 -8.5 St Kilda 117 V 100 Richmond 8.5 2.41
01/09/07 3.51 15.5 Richmond 92 V 102 St Kilda -15.5 1.35
03/05/08 2.43 12.5 Richmond 107 V 110 St Kilda -12.5 1.63
28/06/09 1.1 -41.5 St Kilda 92 V 36 Richmond 41.5 8.75
04/06/10 6.69 37.5 Richmond 59 V 97 St Kilda -37.5 1.14
21/08/10 1.1 -43.5 St Kilda 115 V 94 Richmond 43.5 8.95
01/04/11 1.27 -25.5 St Kilda 95 V 95 Richmond 25.5 4.22

History between St Kilda v Richmond: The Saints and Tigers have met in 7 regular season games over the past 5 years. St Kilda has won all bar one of those 6-0-1, with the other being a draw. The home v away record is 3-3-1 while the starting favourite v underdog is 6-0-1. While St Kilda has had the edge in the head to head match ups Richmond have managed to cover the line handicap bet 4-3. The average game total is 187.29. The last time they played St Kilda started as $1.27 (-25.5 points) favourites only to have the game end in a 95-95 draw with Richmond covering the line handicap by 25.5 points.

The Prediction - Our numbers here at pretty much agree with those that the bookmakers have posted. We have the Saints at around 57.5% chance and the Tigers 42.5%. So as the odds and lines stand at the moment we don't see enough value to warrant a play.