AFL Betting - Over Under Totals

AFL Over Under Totals betting is presented as a 50/50 proposition bet on whether the combined game total (Team A score + Team B score) will be over or under the posted number. With an AFL Total bet you are not concerned with which team wins the game, only how many points the two teams score. For instance there may be a game that looks very tight on paper where you can not pick a clear winner, however you are confident of a tight low scoring affair, in which case a bet on the under might be just the ticket.

A typical AFL Total Line will look like :

Example AFL Over Under Total Line
Match Total Odds
Richmond Over 180.5 1.91
Carlton Under 180.5 1.91

In the above example a bet on the over wins if the combined scores of both teams adds up to 181 or more while a bet on the under wins if the total points scored is 180 or below. Over the last 5 AFL seasons the average game total is 185 points while the median is 187.21. While the average may be 185 the range of totals is quite large with the lowest recorded regular season total being 85 points and the highest being 287.

Most Common AFL Totals

Similar to Line Handicap betting there are not really any numbers that stand out as key numbers when betting AFL Over Under Totals. The most common totals over the past 5 years have been 180 (2.24%) followed by 168 and 184 (2.02%) and then 169 (1.91%), non of which occur often enough to be too concerned about.

Many factors can influence a game total such as weather conditions, team v team match up, venue, key player injuries etc. You may notice that on our Live AFL Odds page which displays current Head to Head odds, Line Handicaps and Totals from leading online bookmakers, that the totals lines and odds are often the last to be posted. This is not an oversight by the bookmakers it is more a show of caution, allowing them to adjust for weather conditions.

Getting the Best AFL Over Under Odds

Whether you use a sophisticated handicapping method or just gut feel to make your AFL Over Under Totals picks, one way to improve your profits is to have accounts with some of the leading Online Bookmakers. Doing so will allow you to compare odds at our AFL odds page and take advantage of the best odds and lines available from the respective bookmakers.