AFL Betting Articles

AFL Betting - Head to Head Odds

AFL Odds betting which you might also find listed under AFL Head to Head Odds or Moneyline Odds at your online bookmaker is one of the simplest and most popular AFL betting types. You are presented with odds for both teams which are a representation of their respective percentage chances of winning as set by the bookmakers. You need only pick the team that wins the game in order to win your bet. While AFL head to head odds betting is straight forward enough, it is important to know how to read the odds.

AFL Betting - Line Handicaps

AFL Line Handicap betting gives punters essentially a 50/50 betting proposition on each and every AFL game. No matter how big of a miss match the game may seem the line handicap is there to even things out. Let's say for example that Geelong were playing Melbourne at home and the AFL head to head odds were Geel ($1.05) and Melb ($11.75) and you were confident that Geelong would win comfortably, but the idea of risking $100 to win $5 is not for you. It is boring if you win and would be very painful to lose, this is where the AFL Line Handicap bet appeals.

AFL Betting - Over Under Totals

AFL Over Under Totals betting is presented as a 50/50 proposition bet on whether the combined game total (Team A score + Team B score) will be over or under the posted number. With an AFL Total bet you are not concerned with which team wins the game, only how many points the two teams score. For instance there may be a game that looks very tight on paper where you can not pick a clear winner, however you are confident of a tight low scoring affair, in which case a bet on the under might be just the ticket.